My prediction for 2017? More of this.

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn plans to replace almost every human worker with robots

“Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant behind Apple’s iPhone and numerous other major electronics devices, aims to automate away a vast majority of its human employees, according to a report from DigiTimes. Dai Jia-peng, the general manager of Foxconn’s automation committee, says the company has a three-phase plan in place to automate its Chinese factories using software and in-house robotics units, known as Foxbots.”

World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence

“The world’s largest hedge fund is building a piece of software to automate the day-to-day management of the firm, including hiring, firing and other strategic decision-making.”

Japanese white-collar workers are already being replaced by artificial intelligence

“Most of the attention around automation focuses on how factory robots and self-driving cars may fundamentally change our workforce, potentially eliminating millions of jobs. But AI that can handle knowledge-based, white-collar work are also becoming increasingly competent.

One Japanese insurance company, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance, is reportedly replacing 34 human insurance claim workers with “IBM Watson Explorer,” starting by January 2017.”

Meet Ross, the World’s First Robot Lawyer

“Ross, the first artificially intelligent attorney, just got a job.

Global law firm Baker & Hostetler, one of the nation’s largest, recently announced that it has hired a robot lawyer created by ROSS Intelligence, Futurism reports. Ross will be employed in the law firm’s bankruptcy practice which currently employs close to 50 lawyers.

Ross was built on IBM’s (IBM, +1.24%) Watson. It can understand your questions, and respond with a hypothesis backed by references and citations. It improves on legal research by providing you with only the most highly relevant answers rather than thousands of results you would need to sift through. Additionally, it is constantly monitoring current litigation so that it can notify you about recent court decisions that may affect your case, and it will continue to learn from experience, gaining more knowledge and operating more quickly, the more you interact with it.”



Interesting proof-of-concept.

“METHOD-1 started as a project by Korea Future Technology in 2014, and an early prototype of the robot was released in November last year.

‘The plan is to build a reliable robotic platform that can be used effectively in various utilitarian applications,’ Mr Bulgarov said at the time.

‘When an ambitious Seoul based robotics team “Korea Future Technology” invited me to join the company as their designer of a large man-controlled robot it took me some time to realize that they were actually serious about it,’ he said.”



Through the rise of Automated Systems and Artificial Intelligence, along with the confluence of other technological advances, such as Nanotech, Biotech, etc. the coming technological revolution proffered by the technopian cognoscenti is generally regarded with awe and excitement by those within these communities, as well as the layperson accustomed to instant access to the technosphere. The influential thought leaders and futurists of these converging fields imagine a blissful, utopian life of infinite leisure. This has been referred to by individuals like Vernor Vinge, and Ray Kurzweil  as, “The Singularity.”

Spoken of in thinly-veiled religious iconography, the mentality of candy-canes, unicorns, and rapturous yearnings permeate those familiar with some of the potentialities of the ultimate revelation of these convergent technologies.

I personally take the viewpoint espoused by the late Arthur C. Clarke, in that the confluence will be less of a “Singularity” and more of a Cyberclysm.

When the issue of technological job-displacement pops up, much like the tired argument of Asimov’s three “Laws” of robotics, the common response is that there will be a magical Guaranteed Basic Income which will take care of everyone financially.

The BI argument is fundamentally socialistic in nature.

Socialistic to the core, in fact.

The problem with the induced dependency that the BI would inherently produce, is that, through technological unemployment, many so-called, “Conservatives,” and, “Libertarian” types, would gleefully accept the King’s digicoins if it meant keeping a roof over their heads, and their bellies full. This presents one of the biggest challenges for anyone who adheres to a meritocratic, competitive, utilitarian outlook towards society, and those who favor self-determination over top-down coercion and control.

“Guaranteed” Basic Income

The danger of a “guaranteed” basic/minimum income is that it would be, for all intents and purposes, an inflationary maneuver, as the newfound lack of scarcity would render the intrinsic value of said income nominal. It would be the artifice of currency; conjured forth out of the digital aether.

“Guaranteed” Basic Income would essentially become more of a symbolic, or token gesture at best. The ultimate result would be one whereby those in control of the most productive, most intelligent machine systems would have heretofore unprecedented wealth and abundance, furthering the rift between the bottom and top of the economic food-chain. Guaranteed Basic Income would result in a Wellsian [H.G.], bipolar world for humanity.

While an altruistic, and arguably noble concept, the Guaranteed Basic Income theory is another common, fallacious, so-called “solution” to the problems brought about through technological job displacement.

As a means of creating the BI, heavy tax penalties might be levied against the higher-order producers in this hypothetical economic situation; however said individuals/corporations/entities would have the ability to refute, bribe (lobby), or employ the use of more advanced A.I. to outmaneuver any regulatory measures used as a means of avoiding the production penalty. Furthermore, the wealth of the high-order producers would still remain insufficient to fund the seething masses of displaced and unemployable.

The BI, if implemented, would further centralize power in government. There’s a number of ways this could come full-circle to ass-bite someone, depending on what the social landscape looks like at the time of implementation. What are the metrics for determining the stipend? Social media popularity? What is the solution for unexpected financial hardship? More free worthless money?

Unlike the current job market, technological unemployment for a large portion of the population, would render the ability to obtain side-work, or part time gigs even more difficult.  I won’t even begin to ponder what the stunning levels of mediocrity permeating the fabric of civilization would look like.

Regarding the consolidation of power to he who signs the digichecks, one’s very survival would be at the mercy of institutionalized bureaucratic inefficiency, also known as, “goverment.” If you can’t see where I’m going with that, you need to reboot your imagination machine.

Ultimately, governments would be forced to artificially-induce the BI through Central Banks and monetization; thusly, while the income provided may be “Guaranteed” the purchasing power of said income would not be. Despite the likelihood of abject and utter failure of the BI as a means of stemming the unrest and incivility induced through technological job displacement, politicians would still be likely to attempt the technique as a way of indicating to the citizens that government was “doing something.”

The best-case scenario for BI would be a binary world, of tremendous wealth and tremendous suffering on both sides of the equation.

For those who find themselves unemployable, life will be a feudalistic, hand-to-mouth, subsistence existence; merely surviving at all will be at the behest of government underlings. Your very financial livelihood would be akin to a trip to the DMV, and all the joy that experience provides…indefinitely.

What I find most entertaining about the legitimate problems posed by Artificial Intelligence, is the childish, timorous manner in which the so-called “experts” offer alleged “solutions” to these very serious issues. Many of the solutions to problems arising from advanced AGI are whimsical at best. It’s also indicative that humanity is collectively too immature to be dabbling in this technological arena at the current time.

When fundamentally destabilizing forces are the direct byproduct of the implementation of a shift in the cultural/social paradigm, and the best idea anyone can come up with is an economic model that has repeatedly failed; folks, we’re in trouble.

While it’s easy to criticize the failure of others to solve the problem, solutions are, absolutely, a huge challenge. The issue is that the evolution of these systems is outpacing our collective capacity to deal with the cultural fallout.

Given the inability of the experts to offer any meaningful solutions to these problems means, as usual, you’re on your own. Given the social trajectory we’re on, the best possible approach to the cultural destabilization that’s on the horizon is self-sufficiency.

I’m going to say that one more time: Given the social trajectory we’re on, the best possible approach to the cultural destabilization that’s on the horizon is self-sufficiency.

The more you are able to self-support, the less of your fate is in the hands of the self-appointed “know-betters.” This goes beyond technological job displacement, and is the fundamental basis for Liberty itself, and to a large extent, the Survivalist subculture.

Determining how to provide for yourself, regardless of external factors, is going to be one of the biggest challenges of the mid-21st Century. The alternative, of course, is to leave it up to someone else, and end up with the results that come along with that decision.

You’d better hope “they” value your well-being as much as you do…

Downbanding Hytera DMR Radios


This writing is in reference to Out of Band / Downbanding / Modifying the band-split for the PD/MD78X series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. I originally thought this was going to be a piece of cake the first time I did it, and that 5 minutes on a search-engine would hand me a solution on a silver platter.


There’s next-to-zero information floating around on how to successfully do this.

The hack will work on any of the following radios: PD782G, PD782, MD782, MD782G, PD785G, PD785, MD785G, MD785. It will most likely work on some of the other models; however, this author has only confirmed the process on the above listed radios. The region-specific model designators are irrelevant. If you have a copy of the North American models’ (XX782) firmware, when you flash the radio, it will revert the language to English.

This whole thing started out about a year ago when a broke-assed ham buddy wanted to buy a MD782 that was in the wrong band split because he didn’t want to spend $800 on a new model. It took a couple of hours of fiddling around, but I eventually got the process to work. Since then, I’ve helped other hams get their OOB Hytera radios downbanded for use in the amateur 70cm frequencies.

The Hytera DMR product line is full of outstanding, professional radios. They blow everything else, and yes, that includes Mother Batwing, out of the water.

Warning: Friends don’t let friends use Tytera, Baofeng, Raddioddity, Pofung, Retevis, Chierda, VITAI, Juentai, SAMCOM, Zastone, HYDX or any of the the other clone radios.




Brush the Cheeto cheese out of your neckbeard, and put down the shit radio.

Motorola, Hytera, Tait, Simoco. That’s it.

Repeater owners can, and will, go to RAS and kick your ass off.

The PD/MD/RD lineup of radios, are LMR radios operating on the DMR standard. All of the radios are IP-rated, up to submersion. The battery life is phenomenal. The audio is excellent. They’re built like bricks with buttons and knobs.

The only drawback? The price. A PD78X retails for approximately $700-$800 USD. No, a CS-700 or MD-380 won’t do the same thing. No, they’re not, “just as good as…”

The PD/MD/RD series come in two different UHF band splits. These splits are designated U1 and U2, respectively.

U1 = 400-470 MHz.

U2 = 450-520 MHz.

These radios offer Front-Panel Programming, and more features than even some Public Safety agencies are even capable of taking full-advantage of. In short, they’re a steal, even at full-retail.

Often, on a particular auction site, you can find surplus High-band (U2) versions of these radios for a fraction, yes, a fraction, of their original price. And rightly so. Given the high-band split, they’re useless for ham radio…

…or are they?

This modification requires that the user has access to a Hex Editor and the Hytera Customer Programming Software (CPS). As well, the user will need an existing codeplug for a MD/PD78X series radio that is in the correct band-split to perform the modification. (More on this later).

As well, this technique works on radios with firmware D7.00.11.010 and older. I cannot confirm downbanding with newer firmware versions for radios like the PD982, etc.

Once the CPS is installed, the user will need to read the data from the radio, and save the .rcdx file/codeplug from the existing radio. This is merely for the radio’s header information, which we’re going to surgically hack using the Hex editor later.

In the following directory, you will find the configuration information for the various Hytera radio models.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Hytera\Customer Programming Software\config

In this directory is a .zip file called r70.zip. Copy this file and paste it in a safe location. When the downbanding process is complete, you are going to want to put this back in the config directory.

After putting the r70 file in a safe location, create a temporary folder on the desktop. You can call the folder whatever you want, but for this exercise, we’re going to call it, “Hytera Hack.”

Copy the r70.zip file from the original config directory, and put it in the Hytera Hack folder on the desktop. Keep in mind you will still need to have an unaltered version of the original in a safe location somewhere else, because we’re going to start monkeying around, and if you lose the original the CPS will no longer function.

So we have three copies of the r70.zip file so far, right?

One copy in the Hytera Hack folder on the desktop.
One copy in the the original config directory.
One copy in a safe place for backup/retrieval later.

Got it?

Alright, so the next thing you’re going to need to do, is to unzip the r70.zip file you created in the Hytera Hack folder.

You’ll notice that once unzipped, there’s going to be a file called, “Model.dat”

unzipped-r70Once un-zipped, Model.dat is what we’re after

Right click the Model.dat file, and open that bitch with Notepad.

model-dot-datModel.dat – Oh My Goodness! My eyes!!!

When it opens, you’re gonna see a bunch of numbers, and it’s going to blow your mind.

Calm down.

No big D.

It’s just all the radio variants in the DMR-series. Since I was too lazy to determine which model corresponds, exactly, to the radio I wanted to downband, I just changed the splits on all the models. We’re eventually going to replace the r70.zip file with the original, so it doesn’t really require that we get surgical here. We’re going in swinging with a battle-axe.

Br00T f0Rc3 FTMFW!

Scroll down, until you see something like this:


Freq3 is the one we’re interested in.

Go to “Edit” in the Notepad menu. Choose, “Replace.”

Where it says, “Find what:” enter: Freq3=450,527,450,527,18

Where it says, “Replace with:” enter the band split you want to run with. I’ve gotten greedy in the past, and force-fed it to 400-470, and haven’t burned up any VFOs, but a safer bet would be to run with a reasonable downward split. For this example we’re going to bottom out on the 70cm US amateur band.

So, to recap, for the first replacement we’re going to enter: Freq3=420,490,420,490,18

Once that’s in the, “Replace with:” field, go ahead and hit, “Replace All.”

That’s going to replace the band split for those models with our ham band data.

We have to do this step twice, as not all the Freq3 fields are the same.

Go back to “Edit” in the Notepad menu. Choose, “Replace” again.

This time, where it says, “Find what:” enter Freq3=450,520,450,520,18

The second replacement we’re going to use is: Freq3=420,490,420,490,18

Hit, “Replace All” again.

Now save this edited Model.dat file.

What we’ve done is force-fed all the 450 band-split models to have the bottom of their split at 420. This will allow you to input ham frequencies into these radios.

Unfortunately, if you try to write ham radio frequencies to these radios at this point, the CPS will still give an out-of-range error.

So the next step is to go back to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Hytera\Customer Programming Software\config folder

You will want to open up the r70.zip file in there, and delete the Model.dat file that is in there. Do NOT unzip the r70 file here. Just open it. If you need to, use WinRAR.

local-r70Don’t unzip. You can just remove the Model.dat and replace with the modified one.

Once you’ve deleted the Model.dat file in the r70.zip file that’s currently in the config directory, you’ll want to go ahead and add the modified Model.dat file from the Hytera Hack folder into the r70.zip file in the config directory. This places that modified band split information into the r70.zip file, and the CPS won’t know you’re up to no-good.

We’re not done yet.

Go ahead and open up the CPS, and read from the radio. Once read, under the “Radio Information” section, you should see the band split (420-490) under “Frequency Range” that we bullshit in earlier.

You can go ahead and laugh evilly now.

Don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. Save the codeplug you’ve downloaded from the radio just now. We’re going to steal the header from it, and surgically place it on top of an existing codeplug/.rcdx file.

For this step you’re going to need a Hex editor. I use Hex-Editor MX, but any HE will work. You’re also going to need an existing codeplug/.rcdx from a 400-470 radio that’s in the real band-split you’re attempting to operate in. Even though we’ve altered the band-split, the radio will still give an out-of-range error when we attempt to write to it.

Open your Hex editor. Then open it again.

You should have two windows with the Hex editor open.

Open the .rcdx file you just read from the radio.

In the other window/Hex editor, open the existing .rcdx file from the 400-470 radio.

In the Hex editor for the .rcdx file we saved earlier, copy the first 390 lines of code. Copy that to the clipboard.

hex-editorQuickInfo in Hex-Editor MX Shows the Correct Positioning

In the other Hex editor with the 400-470 radio’s .rcdx information, select the first 390 lines of code, and paste the code we copied from the out-of-band radio. Once the 390 lines of code have been pasted over the 390 lines of code from the 400-470 radio, we can save the altered .rcdx as the code plug to be written to the radio. For the sake of this exercise, you can call it “Demon-Possessed Radio.rcdx.”

What we just did, was copy the header from the out-of-band radio, and “possessed” the code plug from the in-band radio.

Once you have your witches’ brew .rcdx file saved, we’re going to upload it to the out-of-band radio.

Open the CPS.

Open the Demon-Possessed Radio.rcdx codeplug.

Go to, “Program,” then choose, “Write to Radio.”

Congratulations. Crack open a beer, and laugh at your diabolical ways.

Before getting too excited, be sure to take the original r70.zip file you tucked away in a safe place, and replace the modified one in the config directory.

It may not be a bad idea to save the modified r70.zip somewhere in the event you find yourself needing it again. At that point, if you need to swap radio souls again, you can just drop the modified r70.zip into the config directory, and remove it as-needed.

Enjoy your no-longer-worthless radio.

This post is H4x0rM4N 4pPr0V3d:


*Note: The only functionality issue I’ve run into with this mod is with the Phase-Locked Loop error (unlocked) in the VFO when entering frequencies in FPP.  This makes manual entry of Frequencies difficult; however I am working on a fix for this. This will be updated when I have the time to dive back into this.

Post-Script Stream-of-Consciousness:

There may be a more elegant way to accomplish the band-split alteration, but this is the best I’ve been able to come up with. This method works, with the only issue being the aforementioned Phase-Lock issue. The PLL issue has arisen, regardless of how large, or how small, the band-split is. 

I also haven’t dug around enough to determine if the U1/U2 radios are capable of 400-520 transmission/reception natively and the lockout is simply software-controlled. They may ultimately be exactly the same radio, with a software lock denoting the band-split. That would make more sense from a manufacturing standpoint, but I can’t prove it. I have a service manual laying around collecting dust that I should probably look into, but I haven’t. 

I can also confirm that fully taking the radio down from 450-520 to 400-470 works, again, with the only issue being the PLL. There haven’t been any issues with cross-contamination on adjacent TS’s, or any other digigremlins popping up. That said, being greedy, and bumping it down that far is more an exercise in, “Yeah, I did it” than one in practicality. The 420-490 band split alteration is sufficient to encompass what’s needed for the US 70cm band. If I was able to pick one up for a good enough price, I might be willing to sacrifice one for the cause of hacking science, and see how wide you could go before shit started melting, sizzling, and throwing out spurious emissions.

Background Checks and NFA Wait Times

Addendum: While the point of this writing was to indicate that lowlife-scumbags are robbing gun stores in bulk, along with it being a good idea to take the belt+suspenders approach to securing your valuables – a lot of people are asking me about Current NFA turnaround times.

Here’s the bottom line:

Current paid-stamps are coming in from approximately April of 2016.

That’s roughly 8 months.

Keep in mind, the above time doesn’t factor in the tidal wave of Form 1’s / Form 4’s in June/early-July before 41F was implemented, and everyone’s hair was on fire. 

I have no inside connections, but shooting from the hip, if you have recently submitted your paperwork, I’d surmise you’ll be able to spring your NFA items outta “jail” around Christmas, 2017. 

Ho ho holy shit that’s a long time.

Don’t worry. I’m feeling your pain too.

I’m curious about how long June’s applications are going to take to go through…

[Insert Eye-Roll Emoji here]

By now you’ve probably already seen this:

Silencer Shop Sends $2,000,000 Worth of NFA Stamp Applications – IN ONE DAY

The NFA branch is overworked and understaffed.

If you haven’t already, contact your Representatives and urge them to support the HPA. 

Take action: Hearing Protection Act

Begin Original Posting:

You saved your pennies.

You’ve been eating Ramen.

You submitted your Form 4/Form 1.

You got fingerprinted at the local CLEO’s office.

You waited 8 months for your stamp to come back.

You filled out your 4473.

You’ve been deemed safe enough to exercise your Constitutional Rights.


Societal Dregs determined all that shit was, like, for squares, man:

I get this sinking, suspicious feeling that the rapid background check circumvention, illustrated above, is not going to contribute to the local IPSC-scene, nor produce any IDPA champs. Nor will the acquired goods be used in furtherance of communal defense, or for “sporting purposes” such as hunting whitetail.

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are offering a combined reward of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. To report a tip, call the ATF at (800) 283-4867, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at (813) 247-8200, or use the mobile application at reportit.com.

The burglary marks at least the third time in the last 13 months that a gun store in the Tampa Bay are has been targeted.

In October 2015, thieves smashed through an exterior concrete wall to at Shooting Sports on North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa and stole 42 handguns. Four brothers were arrested and charged in connection with the burglary.

Last March, burglars broke through the wall of the Grey Wolf Armory, located in a shopping plaza at Eiland Boulevard and State Road 54 in Wesley Chapel, and made off with an arsenal: 30 handguns, two rifles and a sniper rifle, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.” -Source

One thing not mentioned is whether or not any NFA items are now out in the wild for enterprising young street pharmacists or members of the Wallet-Liberation Front.

Bad dudes with a penchant for violence, are effectively armed-to-the-teeth.

They also won’t be participating in any buybacks, registrations, or turn-ins.

If your personal firearms aren’t secured in a safe, or on your hip, now might be a good time to factor in solid security measures, up to, and including, video surveillance. The technology is extremely cheap, and the performance is better than it’s ever been. Most consumer-grade cameras include digital night vision capability through the use of IR illumination working in conjuction with a highly sensitive charge-coupled device.

Based on the video above, it appears the shopkeeper was running extremely out-of-date video equipment, and, as well, had presented a soft-target for thieves. Some bollards would have gone a long way, as well as additional security doors/grates.

Modern, “civilized” domiciles, homesteads, and stores are anything but hardened against assailants.

If you live in a rural area, you can make your own bollards out of PVC and Quickcrete. If you’ve ever used a post-hole digger you’ve got 90% of the experience necessary to create choke-points, or anti-access systems for bad actors in vehicles. Shitlords coming for your goodies aren’t gonna wipe off their feet at the welcome mat, and make sure to close the door behind them on their way out with your beans, bullets, and bandaids.

If you’ve got gaps in your own security, including your physical residence – fix them.



A friend and I were recently discussing the transformative nature of the State-Run Media (ABCNNBCBS) meltdown over so-called, “Fake News.”

Folks, it’s easy to get spun up about it all.

Yes, it’s ridiculous.

Yes, it’s infantile.

Yes, it’s indicative of a sea-change in the contemporary milieu.

Most of all?

It’s entertaining as hell.

Watching the newsfakers, talking-point-takers, and corporate/media machine implode on themselves is one of the highlights of being alive at this time. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so entertained with their programming. As someone who doesn’t have cable television, or even over-the-air TV, watching this as an outside observer is downright hilarious.

The bed-wetting. The pant-defecating. The tooth-gnashing. The garment-rending. All of it is sweet, sweet music.

The irony of the State-Run Media “conspiracy theorizing” about objective reporting, aka, “Fake News” has been raucously gratifying yet I am almost embarrassed for them. Years, nay, decades of their regurgitation of state-disseminated information and talking points; of staging bogus stories; of advertisements-as-editorials; of outright, no-holds-barred propagandizing have all led to this. Meanwhile, in other news, their primacy is being challenged by folks with a budget of less-than-zero, typing away on keyboards, and in woodshed sound-studios.

The State-Run Media’s response?

Double-down on the stupid.

*News flash*

Unfettered Truth is FREE. That’s right. Eff, Arr, Eee, Eee – FREE.

The politicization of “news” is coming full-circle to bite them all squarely in the ass.

The best these bozos can conjure up is to accuse anyone not in lockstep with them of being right-wing, neo-nazi, Russian-sympathizers; read as: the pinnacle of comedy. These same imbeciles, rather than get their act together, start attacking their superior competition.

Way to go, assholes! We’ll see how that works out for you.

[Insert ROFLMAO Emoticon Here]

After the discussion with my associate, I came to a revelation regarding the State-Run Media.

No one with even a modicum of critical-thinking skills takes them seriously.

No one is watching.

It’s background noise.

Legacy media is the televised equivalent of elevator music.

For your listening enjoyment, as well as an example of what the State-Run Media truly is:

A squawking, barking parade of washed-up self-congratulatory, pontificating, faux-experts, vomiting-forth mental junk-food. In perpetuity.

Dear State-Run Media. We’re not laughing with you. We’re laughing AT you.



There’s more than one way to be a Tattletale.

One example:


The developers created the site to illustrate, in real-time, the amount of personal data that is tracked and recorded. There’s more to metadata than browser history and geolocation information.

Take it for a test drive. The site is optimized for desktop browsers, but it will still provide an example for mobile users.

While not brought up through ClickClickClick, unique information can be obtained, for example, through the amount of charge on a device’s battery.

This type of analysis would NEVER be used against you.


This is What it Looks Like


Contemporary examples are available for understanding what the ramifications are for societal decay, collapse, and other general SHTF-type events. Too many self-proclaimed, “Survivalists” and, “Preppers” predicate their understanding of destabilizing social forces upon fictional narratives.

While I won’t delve on those topics too deeply, paranoid ramblings of “ZOMG! Martial Law Starts TOMORROW!” or, “The Sino-Russian Alliance are going to invade us after cooking off an EMP!!!!!!!!!!!!” type scenarios do a disservice to anyone who takes personal preparedness seriously.

In the last decade or so, there are countless examples of social implosions, Color Revolutions gone wrong, Civil Wars, internal strife, national lawlessness, diaspora, and flat-out war.

Mexico is a learning opportunity for when the acronym, “SHTF” gets thrown around.

Economic disparity? Check. Criminal syndicates vying for power? Check. Corrupt government? Check. Corrupt law enforcement agencies? Check. Impoverished subsistence living for the majority of the population? Check. Internecine strife? Check. Lawlessness? Check. Feudalism-masquerading-as-enterprise? Check.

So while it isn’t Mad Max on the Rio Grande, Mexico is, for anyone that isn’t a Narco-Terrorist or Corruptocrat, not exactly paradise. The societal conditions south of the border are a realistic example of what a semi-functional nation-state looks like in the 21st Century.

Relvant Links and Sources:

Los Zetas Cartel Used Network of Ovens to Hide Mass Extermination in Mexico’s Coahuila

Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report

“The Mexican Los Zetas cartel used a network of oven facilities to cover-up the systematic mass extermination of innocent people during the 2011-2013 period when the cartel had complete governmental control over most of the Mexican state of Coahuila. From the then-governor of Coahuila, down to the city jails, Los Zetas had complete control of every aspect of governmental process and of the lives of Mexican citizens–including news media. Their atrocities in Coahuila have remained largely unreported and undocumented by any governmental agencies; local, state, federal, or international.

Los Zetas began rounding up entire families, friends, distant relatives and innocent individuals who happened to have one of those last names–even if they were not related. According to information gathered by Breitbart Texas in Allende, Los Zetas would torture and execute the victims using a variety of cruel methods. The bodies were then taken to either a ranch near Allende or to the Coahuila state prison in Piedras Negras to make the bodies disappear.

Inside the jail, Los Zetas butchers dismembered the bodies of the men, women, and children who had been kidnapped. The human parts were then placed in 55-gallon drums filled with diesel and then set on fire. After several hours, the majority of the human remains were all gone leaving hundreds of families without answers. The ashes were then dumped in a local creeks that leads to the Rio Grande. While most of the drums remain in evidence lockers at a storage facility used by the Attorney General’s office in Coahuila, some of them have been re-purposed as dumpsters in the city. Recently authorities carried out a massive search along some of the creeks to search for remains of the unknown number of missing persons–none were found. The drum shown below was one of the ones that Los Zetas had been using to incinerate the body parts of their victims inside the Piedras Negras prison. The drum was being moved out of the evidence locker by authorities as part of their ongoing investigation. Agents left it outside of the building in the back 0f a police pickup allowing journalists from the Breitbart Texas Cartel Chronicles network to photograph it and provide an image of the makeshift crematorium where several victims were “disappeared.” 

Turn off your Zombie-themed TV shows, and wake up to reality.

This is happening.

It’s not fiction.

Truly innocent people were absolutely brutalized.


This is What it Looks Like.

Field Phones, Community Networking, and thinking in Three Dimensions


NCScout, over at Brushbeater, did an excellent piece on Comms.

Peep it: Field Phones, Community Networking, and thinking in Three Dimensions

He brings up an excellent point I’ve had to beat into people’s heads: Crypto and Security-Through-Minority don’t negate the fact that you’re still emitting signals. I would like to think that’s a, “duh” for people who should know better, but apparently, it’s not.

Unless you can surf the noise floor, and that’s not easy to control, no, Virginia, you ain’t Ninja-Status.